Expertise & Scope:
We typically work with CRC, HRC, Galvanized steel, high tensile steel, Stainless Steel, SS Tubes, CRC Tubes (CW, ERW, CWD).
Our total area is 66504 square feet, which has got a covered area of 27344 square feet and 25000 square feet as green area.
Stamping and Blanking Operations:
We have stamping presses up to 300 US Tons. Our largest bed size is 36 inches to 42 inches. We run progressive blanking & forming tools, as well as single station tools.
Our varied capabilities allow us to approach each job with the most economical means of making the quantity of parts required, in the material specified. From Plazma cutting thick materials or small quantities, through the thicknesses and quantities ideal for turret work, to the larger quantities and sizes that require stamping, we have all in our range. Besides the operations and services indicated by our equipment list, we also offer parts with finishing process such as powder coating & Chrome free Electroplating. In fact it is single stop shop for medium range fabrication, sheet metal sub-assemblies ready to use acting as an extension of your work. It is supported with in house 100% captive power, in house DM/RO plant, ETP plant and above all in house tool Room for giving boost to speed and consistency. At SNG “Speed is Success” It attaches sense of urgent to each and every aspect which benefits the stake holders at large
CNC Turret Punch Press:
The Motorum – 2044 EZ is the symbol of Muratec’s pioneering and long established technological excellence with a very high reliability in CNC turret punch press design & manufacturing. Motorum – 2044 with a punching force of 20 tons is equipped with state of the art toggle mechanism driven by an AC motor. Hydraulic oil-less sheet metal processing enables ecological machine operations saving environmental natural resources.
Main Specifications :
  Punching capacity   20 ton [22 US ton]
  Maximum sheet thickness   6.35 mm [0.25"]
  Maximum sheet size
  without repositioning (Y x X)
  1250 mm x 1250 mm [49.21' x 49.21']
  Hit Rate   Punching 25 mm Pitch   220 HPM
  Nibbling 1 mm Pitch   600 HPM
  Punching accuracy   +/- 0.1 mm [+/- 0.004"]
From simple welding to X-ray quality welding, from thin sheet to thick sheet welding, from light to heavy duty welding, SNG has the equipment to meet the entire standard. Having qualified skilled welder provides deep rooted foundation in undertaking quality welding. It is supplemented with surface cleaning facilities and flatning facilities to provide the best aesthetics.

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